Abundance Project – 2016

Apple 4

There are so many apple trees in Keynsham and Saltford, and often they’re so abundant that not all the fruit gets used. Transition Keynsham organises groups of volunteers to pick those apples, share the harvest with the owner and distribute the surplus to community groups and schools that can make good use of them.

If you have an apple tree that needs picking but you find it difficult to do it yourself, let us know and we can help you harvest it.

If you have apples you’d like to donate, but you’re able to pick your tree yourself, contact us and we can lend you crates and apple picking equipment, and someone can come and pick the apples up afterwards.

If you’d like to volunteer an hour of your time picking apples over the next month or two, get in touch.

If you know of any apple trees in neighbours’ gardens, please put them in touch with us!

If you know of any apple trees that are not owned by anyone that could be harvested, please tell us where they are!

We’ll be at Keynsham Farmers Market on Saturday 10th with our press, juicing apples. Bring along a carrier bag of your own apples and we’ll juice them for you. Hope to see you there!

Liz and the apple abundance team.

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