The Abundance project

Started in 2015 The abundance project is a team of volunteers who harvest the seasonal glut of local fruit like apples, pears and plums and redistribute the surplus amongst the community on a non-profit basis.

Each year tonnes of fruit goes unpicked because people aren’t physically able to harvest, there are too many at one time, or people don’t notice them.

We put a call out via our social media when we know fruit is ripening so please follow us on either Twitter and Facebook or email us to let us know you would like to be kept up to date with the abundance project.

Email: keynshamt@yahoo.co.uk

Supported by Keynsham Town Council’s grant scheme

Updated December 2017

One thought on “Abundance

  • 7th March 2012 at 8:20 pm

    One of our projects this year is to sow a patch of wildflower seeds on a triangle of land where Manor Road meets The Wellsway in Keynsham. On the morning of 25th March we will be taking off the turf that is there at present to prepare the soil for the wildflower seeds. If you would like this turf – either as grass or to stack and rot down into soil. Please get in touch with us at:

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