Keynsham Garden Share relaunch 2016

We have relaunched our Garden share scheme, perhaps you are waiting for a plot up at the Keynsham Allotments or want to try growing in a smaller plot. This is our article which went into The Keynsham Voice about our garden share scheme:

There’s nothing quite like tucking in to carrots or potatoes that have been freshly dug from the garden. Nutritious and tasty, home grown veg helps us to eat more of our five a day, and gets us exercising regularly. Even the NHS recommends growing your own!

But many of the flats and houses now being built in towns and cities across the UK – and in Keynsham – have no garden, or small patios, and there often aren’t enough allotments to go round.

At Transition Keynsham we’d like to help more people experience the joys of gardening, so we’re relaunching our Garden Share scheme.  It’s a very simple concept – we match people without a garden with people who have garden space to share.

The garden owner lets the would-be veg grower use their space, and in return gets a share of the harvest, as agreed between the two.

Garden shares are different to allotments because there’s no formal rental agreement and no money changes hand. Instead, a lasting friendship flowers between the two parties.

One of our successful garden sharers says: “My garden share works incredibly well. Not only do we both benefit from fresh organic fruit and vegetables, but that part of the garden is now always kept tidy and flourishing. We have also become great friends!”

So if you’ve got a garden that’s a bit too big for you to manage, that you would love to see put into productive use, please get in touch with us at And if you’re a would-be veg grower, drop us an email and we’ll endeavour to match you up with your perfect plot!

Transition Keynsham would love to hear from experienced veg growers in Keynsham who’d be interested in sharing basic vegetable growing skills, such as planning, sowing, planting out, caring for plants and seed collecting. If that sounds like you, please contact us on

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