Erica set up the Wombles in 2010 after getting increasingly frustrated with the amount of litter she was collecting while walking her dog, Willow.  

She quickly gathered others who felt the same and together they each decided to pick a patch to litter pick on a regular basis. Over the years the flock has grown and now the network has over 150 Wombles. 

Wombles either litter pick on their own or come together at one of the community litter picks which concentrate on larger areas like the town parks, or the river banks directly stopping litter from washing out to sea.

So why do we do what we do?

We remove as much litter as possible from Keynsham and surrounding area for the following reasons:

• To improve the visual appearance of the area.

•To change the behaviour of those who litter (if litter has been removed, others are less likely to drop more).

•To encourage an environment where littering is unacceptable.

•To remove the danger to wildlife, both locally and globally as rubbish makes its way down our rivers into the sea.

•To work with local businesses, local authorities, youth groups, churches, schools, etc, across our community to achieve our aims.

•To empower our volunteers to know that they are making a difference and to build a senseof community.

If you think you would like to become a womble we would love to hear from you, you can follow us on social media or email Erica directly,



The Keynsham Wombles are sponsored by Keynsham Town Council and The people's lottery.
Winners of the Chairman’s Community Neighbourhood Team Award, 2015/16.

Updated December 2017