The Wombles Clean for the Queen, 5th March

10926217_662573243888515_1156564912142300682_nPlease come and help if you can, we are aiming for a street party with a twist feel and I’m promising everyone that we will have excellent weather(!).

The litter pick will start at 2pm to be followed by tea and cake in the BOWLS CLUB in the park at 4pm. (NB: the tea and cake is open to all Wombles irrespective of whether they have been able to take part in the litter pick that day.)

We are currently the only group in Keynsham registered for this Keep Britain Tidy national litter pick – but there will be other groups all over the country doing the same thing over the weekend – though to my knowledge we are the only event finishing with a tea party!

All areas will start at 2pm and aim to arrive in the park about 4pm – areas are as follows:

  1. Meet at Queens Road Methodist Church car park to litter pick the grass/play area behind St Keyna School, then work your way down to the park. Led by Tina Stubbs and featuring pupils and parents from St Keyna School.
  2. Keynsham Railway Station – organised by Keynsham in Bloom (only people who have had special health and safety training from Network Rail can take part in this litter pick). Led by Dawn Dury
  3. Meet at Durley Lane by footpath, then footpath behind Rugby Club to park. Led by Anne-Marie Bird WE CURRENTLY NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS AREA
  4. Bridge at Chewton Keynsham – Keynsham Scouts and Cubs going down both sides of river towards parkLed by Angela Sheppard. (The exact area is still being discussed by the Scouts and may change)
  5. Meet at back of Wellsway School by Ellsbridge Close – litter pick around back and side of school, then roads towards park. Would anyone like to lead this group? WE CURRENTLY NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS FOR THIS AREA
  6. Meet at Dapps Hill Bridge, covering Gooseberry Lane, Steel Mills, wooded area of park. Led by Suzy Harvey.

Please let Erica know if you are able to join one of these groups – or if there is a different area which you would like to litter pick, perhaps with a couple of friends or neighbours, could be your road, park or footpath, anywhere you’ve noticed litter and would like to have a go.  It would also be helpful to know whether you need any litter picking equipment so I can make sure you have it in advance. 

The Wombles have arranged with B&NES that we will leave the litter we collect in sacks by the street bins as we pass them (we have Keynsham Wombles stickers for the sacks so B&NES staff will know the rubbish is from our event).

We very much hope you are able to join in as it would be fantastic to have a really good presence all across Keynsham for the afternoon – please can I ask you all to wear our Hi Viz jackets so we are easily identified (email if you need one)

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