Traditional Wisdom of Ecological Living with Mike Feingold – free talk


Mike Feingold will be talking on Sunday the 12th May from 7.30 – 9.30pm at the Baptist Church, High Street, Keynsham.  Entry is free

Offering an exploration of sustainability as practiced in traditional communities around the world. An inspirational and informative slideshow based on a lifetimes work on community led regeneration and self-suffiency. Full of valuable insights and inspiration into creating healthy and vibrant local systems to meet the needs of a community.  Mike’s Bio: For over 20 years Mike Feingold <> has been teaching *Permaculture to and learning from communities around the world including Nepal , India , Palestine , Kenya and beyond. He has also been maintaining an inspiring Permaculture allotment in Bristol for most of that time. He is a founder member of the Bristol Permaculture Group and organiser of the Glastonbury Festival Permaculture demonstration garden. Mike is one of the UK ’s leading experts in sustainable and experimental gardening.

*Permaculture is the use of ecological design to create self-maintaining agrticultural & social systems modeled on natural ecosystems. Others say it is ‘revolution disguised as gardening’.

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